Thursday, July 24, 2014

Matthew 1:23

Matthew 1:23 - The virgin will be with child and will give birth to as son, and they will call Him ‘Immanuel’ - which means, ‘God with us.’

From the moment Jesus came to earth He was doing the impossible. Where people say that there is no way, God makes a way. Even with our ‘modern’ science and technology there is no way that a woman could become pregnant without the help of a man, but for Mary it happened. And, as we know, her baby was not just any baby. Her baby was the Son of God and He would be called Immanuel - which means, ‘God with us.’
That in itself is an impossible feat. To actually have God with us all the time is an unbelievable thing. Prior to this point God would only speak to certain people; sometimes directly, other times through an angel. We also see with the Israelites that God would travel before them or behind Him and eventually His presence came to rest in the temple where only the priests could go. Now it is different.
God’s presence is now within each one of us who have come to Him. Christ was the firstborn, but now we are all children of God. This, too, is a seemingly impossible thing.
So whenever you are facing trials or tribulations or anything that seems too big to handle, remember God. Our God makes the impossible a possibility. He gives us what we need to get through whatever we are facing. In your seemingly impossible situation look to God and He will make it possible.

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