Friday, July 31, 2015

Will you be Jesus to me?

Will you be Jesus to me?
A tribute to the victims of human trafficking

All I see are walls closing in around me
I’m surrounded by darkness
with no glimpse of light
All I know is pain
with no end in sight
and if I fight?
The abuse comes more frequently then
No, all hope is lost
There’s no way I can win
You say that there is hope?
I’ve heard that before
from the one lying next to me
passed out on the floor
You say I’m not forgotten
but no one knows my name
When I open my eyes
I see darkness and shame.
And even worse is the fear
It creeps in and all around
And I cower and cringe
every time I hear a sound
From a creak in the floor
to a rattle at the door
Not knowing what’s in store
Or the horrors that await me
So I wait and see
As fear engulfs me
and swallows me whole
I’ve lost all hope
Which my circumstance stole
Then, in the midst of my suffering
While I am lost in my fear
A voice cuts through the darkness
And this is what I hear:

“I know your pain
I’ve been where you are
You may find it hard to believe
But let me show you the scars
I was beaten and bloody
and raised up for all to see
Displayed on a cross
with nails in my hands and feet
But worse than that
The pain that comes from within
Left all alone
and betrayed by a friend
I was abandoned
as I took on the world’s sin
I was in utter darkness
The grave, hell and beyond
Separated from God
All hope seemed gone
But then...
On day number three
I was resurrected by the power
That is inside of me
Now, I am with you in your darkest hour
I’m setting you free
I am with you in your darkness
I’m the light that you see
I am with you in your pain & shame
And even though it seems you are forgotten
I know your name
I came to earth for you
I died for you
I was resurrected for you
Now I live for you
Hope is not gone
Because I’m bringing you near
Let my perfect Love
Drive out all your fear
In your pain and despair
Rest in the fact that I am here”

Then it goes quiet
and my mind begins to wander
In this new-found silence
I begin to ponder
Who is this Jesus?
who comes to me in my dreams
Who is this Jesus?
who says life is not as it seems
He’s brought me so far
but I have so far to go
He’s shown me so much
but there so much I don’t know
What is coming tomorrow
and what will I do?
So many struggles
How will I get through?
These questions and more
still echo in my mind
but now a truth that’s louder
Jesus helped me to find
I know where I am going
I know who holds my eternity
Right now I may be held captive
but one day I will be free
So as you sit and listen
and wonder, “What can I do?”
I want to ask you a question
that will show your Love true
Will you continue in life
and pretend that you do not see
Or will you open your heart;

Will you be Jesus to me?