Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Focal Point by Billy Graham

The Focal Point

Taken from “Hope for Each Day” devotionals by Billy Graham

 “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last.” - Revelation 22:13

The central message of the Bible is Jesus Christ.

In Genesis, Jesus is the Seed of the Woman. In Exodus, He is the Passover Lamb. In Leviticus, He is the atoning Sacrifice. In Numbers, the Smitten Rock. In Deuteronomy, the Prophet. In Joshua, the Captain of the Lord’s hosts. In Judges, the Deliverer. In Ruth, the Heavenly Kinsman. In the six books of Kings, the Promised King. In Nehemiah, the Restorer of the nation. In Esther, the Advocate. In Job, my Redeemer. In Psalms, my Strength. In Proverbs, my Pattern. In Ecclesiastes, my Goal. In the Song of Solomon, my Satisfier. In the prophets, the coming Prince of Peace. In the gospels, He is the Christ who came to seek and to save. In Acts, He is the Christ risen. In the epistles, He is Christ exalted. In Revelation, He is Christ returning and reigning.

The message of the Bible is the story of salvation through Jesus – and the whole world needs to know this story. Whom have you told today?

**I thought this was a great explanation of how the story of Jesus has been weaved throughout the whole Bible and I wanted to share.**