Monday, November 17, 2014

Acts 28:31

Acts 28:31 - Boldly and without hindrance Paul preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ.

What do you want said in your epitaph? How do you want people to view your life after it is over? Paul lived his life on earth in a way that glorified God. After he came to know the truth on the road to Damascus he never looked back. Everything he did was to further the kingdom of God.
Now, to fast forward to the end of Acts we see what was probably the last thing written about him by those who knew him. “Boldly and without hindrance Paul preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ.” That is what they said; that is how he was known. What a legacy to leave behind.
I’m not saying that you should live concerned with what people think about you, but your actions should direct people to God. You should be living to glorify Him and people should be able to see it.
We are told to ‘be an example of God’ and to ‘live a life of Love, just as Christ Jesus.’ As you are living your life for God you are also creating a reputation. For some it is good, for others it will not be, but your life is a witness to what you truly believe. You will either live different and it will show, or you will live the same and it also will show.
There are opinions being formed about you, whether you like it or not. People are listening to what you say and watching to see if it matches what you do. Our lives need to reflect God. It is only through Him that we can truly live.
I challenge you to think about what you want to be known for when you die. Will it be that you were a successful business man, a nice guy, or maybe on the other side of the spectrum, maybe you are lazy and don’t do anything.
Now that you know where you are currently at, think about what you would like people to know you for. Are you ok with being known as an average Joe, or do want to be known as someone who was committed to living for God.
You may not be where you want to be now, but I have good news for you. It’s not too late. As long as you are still breathing you can change your legacy. At one point in Paul’s life he was known as a murder and persecutor of Christians, but he changed that. You can change too. Make a decision to live your life to leave the legacy that you want. With God it is possible.

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