Sunday, November 16, 2014

Acts 27:25

Acts 27:25 - So keep up your courage, man, for I have faith in God that it will happen just as He told me.

On his journey to Rome Paul went through a lot. First off, he was being escorted as a prisoner. Now, in this leg of their journey Paul had advised the Centurion that they should winter in a place called Fair Haven. It was late in the year and sailing was getting dangerous. In an attempt to get to a better port, the Centurion made the decision to press on towards Phoenix and try to winter there. This decision proved disastrous.
As they sailed along it seemed at first that the weather turned favorable, but before long they found themselves in a storm of unimaginable proportions. It quickly became clear that their lives were in danger. They started throwing cargo overboard in an attempt to lighten the load they were carrying. It did not look good.
In the midst of the storm God spoke to Paul and told him that he would still stand before Caesar. God also told him that He would spare all the lives of those on board, but that they would lose the ship. As Paul relayed this message to the men he assured them that he had full confidence that all God said would come to be.
There are a couple of things that we can learn from this story. First, we see Paul hearing from God. Notice it was not before, but during the storm. Sometimes if God spoke to us before the storm it would not do any good, because we aren’t listening. When times get hard, though, we start looking for other options. We must listen during the storm. God will encourage and speak to you, but you have to be listening.
Next, we have to believe all that God tells us. God’s words are truth and you can count on every one of them to come to pass. Put your faith in God’s words and know that whatever He says will happen, just as He says it will.
In life you will have storms. Make sure you are listening during them, because God will be speaking to you.

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