Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Acts 16:25

Acts 16:25 - About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them.

Have you ever had a bad day? Who hasn't, right? We've all had those kind of days where it seems like nothing could go right. Let me tell you about this day Paul and Silas had.
It started out fine. They were going around town Loving on people and ministering to them. It felt like they were actually starting to reach some of the people, but there was this one girl.
This young girl was a slave and she made her masters a lot of money. See, she was possessed by an evil spirit that gave her the ability to tell the future. Her masters would use her for their financial benefit.
Well, this girl had been following Paul and Silas around since they had come into town and would not stop jeering and calling out to them. They ignored her for awhile, but she just wouldn't leave. Finally Paul had enough so he turned to her and caste out the demon.
You would think that the people would be happy that this little girl was finally free, but her masters were furious. They just lost a lot of money, so they stirred up the crowd against Paul and Silas and had them arrested , beaten and thrown in jail.
So there they were, sitting in jail with open sores from their beatings and they started praising God. And notice how we are told that the other prisoners were listening. If Paul and Silas were angry and irritated about what they had just gone through, which they had every right to be, things would have been different.
With a bad attitude Paul and Silas would have been grumbling and complaining, then the other prisoners would have heard that instead of praises to God. By having the right attitude, even in their struggles, God opened doors, both literally and figuratively. They were able to minister to some of those in the prison, including the jailer himself.
We too must be aware of our actions, even when we think we are alone, because we really don’t know who may be listening. Don’t lose your chance to witness due to a bad attitude. Praise God at all times and He will make good come out of your ‘bad’ day.

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