Sunday, October 5, 2014

John 6:68-69

John 6:68-69 – Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord to whom shall we go? You have the Words of eternal life. We believe and know that you are the Holy one of God.”

       Many people were drawn to Jesus because of the miracles that He was performing. They heard some amazing stories and they wanted to see it for themselves. When they found Him they saw people being healed, demons cast out and many other spectacular things. Then Jesus started teaching.
       Jesus told the people that it is not easy to follow Him. They would have to make sacrifices. He told them that He was the bread of life and in order to have eternal life they would have to share in all that He had to go through.
       This was, and still is a tough message. There were many that couldn’t handle it; there were many who left at this time. These people didn’t want to give up their lives; they didn’t want to make sacrifices. Jesus looked at His disciples and asked, “Do you want to leave too?” This verse contains their answer.
       Basically they told Him that they had nowhere else they could go that could compare with being with Him. The disciples understood that Jesus held the keys to the kingdom of heaven. This response really shows Peter’s heart and his commitment to following Jesus.
       I think there are many of us today that would fall into the category of the deserters. Once we realize that it will cost us something to follow Jesus we pull back and refuse to go. Jesus wants followers who are willing to give up everything. We need to put Him before all else in our lives.
If Jesus asked you to give it all up would you be able to do it? God looks at your heart and wants you to put Him first. If Jesus asked you the question that He had asked His disciples, “Do you want to leave too?” what would your answer be? Would you leave or would you answer as Peter did, “To whom shall we go?”

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