Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Acts 8:4

Acts 8:4 - Those who had scattered preached the Word wherever they went.

This was a time of great persecution for the early believers. Stephen had just given up his life for the cause. He was just the first. Saul (who had been there at Stephens death) was determined to put an end to all who called on the name of Jesus. Some he put to death, many were thrown into jail. As Saul went from town to town persecuting the Christians he was scattering them. Often when they heard he was coming they would disperse and leave before he arrived. Through Saul, Satan was trying to break up the early church.
Even though this was a hard time and Satan meant it for harm, God still used it for good. As the believers were scattered throughout Judea and Samaria they continued to preach the Word. Even though they were facing persecution and possible death they would not keep quiet. They could not help but share the message of Jesus and tell His story.
What are you facing today? Are you being persecuted or ridiculed because of your faith? While there is still heavy persecution in some parts of the world, most of us just face peer pressure and the fear of man. We are talking about persecution, but ask yourself this: “Do those around me even know that I am a Christian?” These early Christians faced death for sharing the gospel, yet they still would not keep quiet. They still preached Jesus in word and deed. And it wasn’t just in church, they preached wherever they went.
We often speak of wanting to see the power manifest now as it did in the early church, but we won’t get off our butts and share Jesus with those around us. We are too afraid of what people may think. Our Nation is currently in a place where we have freedom to speak what we want and we need to take advantage of it. If you want to see our society change for the better it is time to do something about it. As Jesus told us, “Go and make disciples!” It is time for us as the church and as individuals to step up in the boldness of the Spirit and take the world for God. We need to preach the Word wherever we go.

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