Thursday, September 25, 2014

Luke 20:26

Luke 20:26 – They were unable to trap Him in what He had said there in public. And astonished by His answer, they became silent.

         As Jesus taught He gained more popularity with the people. They were following Him and listening to everything He said. This made the religious leaders jealous. They wanted the popularity; the people were supposed to listen to them. Everyday more and more people began looking to Jesus and so, every day, the leaders grew madder and madder.
         They thought that maybe if they discredited Him the people would come back to them. In their attempt to do this they would ask Him questions, but these were not just any questions. These questions were designed to trick Him into saying something that He didn’t mean.
         Jesus, however, was not easily tricked. Jesus had the wisdom of God and the Holy Spirit to guide Him in what to say and do. Every time they tried to trick Him He answered in such a way that would leave them speechless.
         So what does that mean for us? Well, we have the same Spirit on the inside of us, and we have access to the same wisdom. If you have a habit of saying something before you think about it, slow down. Think before you say; let the Spirit of God guide you in wisdom and direct your words.
         Sometimes being quiet is the best way, but then other times saying something is necessary. So whether you are in the habit of saying too much or not saying anything at all you need to change your ways. Be sensitive and obedient to the Spirit and speak when you need to and shut up when you don’t.
         James says that if you can tame the tongue you will be a perfect person. Jesus had control of what He said, speaking wisdom at the right times. If we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit we too will be able to control our tongues.

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