Saturday, September 6, 2014

Luke 1:67

Luke 1:67 – His (John’s) father Zechariah was filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesied.

       John’s birth, similar to Jesus, was nothing short of a miracle. His parents were well beyond child bearing age and they had tried their whole married life to have a child, but were unsuccessful. Then Zechariah was ministering in the house of the Lord and an angel appeared to him.
       This angel brought the promise of a child, but Zechariah found it hard to believe. He was looking at the natural circumstances of His life and questioned the message that came from God. Because of his doubt his voice was taken from him and he was unable to speak.
       From the time of the vision all the way until his miracle baby was born, Zechariah was unable to utter a word. It wasn't until he named his child John that his tongue was loosened. This verse in Luke comes right after he is given the ability to speak again.
       There are a lot of things that Zechariah could have said, but what he did was prophecy. First his praises went to God, and then he prophesied over his son. That speaks a lot to those of us who are fathers. I think this is one of the things that is missing in today’s families. It is a tough world to grow up in and our kids need to help. They need encouragement and life spoken into them.
Prophecy is not just about speaking the future. It can come in many forms. Basically it is a word from God; sometimes it is a scripture or just an encouraging word. Children need this. As fathers it is our responsibility to give this to them. Seek God for your children. Pray for them every day and then in turn prophesy over them.

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